Sculling the Forest

The Portrait

Harlequin Cup

Hide and Seek

Probability A

La Robe Noir

End of Time


Interior of Pelvic Virtue

Never Ever Room

Garden of Timelessness

Sisters of Baroque

Altered State

Blue Room

Food for Thought


Book of Ages

Grandfinale La Mer

Passive Descent

Shapes from the Past

Skipping Past Time

A Good Age

Architecture of a Dream


Legrand Tour La Mer

Sunken Garden

Colossus of Rhodes


Fiddlers Nocturne

Geometry of Costume

Looking Glass Room

Poets Corner

Incident on Platform

Museum of Broken Dreams

Pink Shirt


Garden of Geometry

Garden of Melancholia

Nude in a Landscape

Seduction in the Garden

The Hermit

The Lunch

Arm Wrestlers

Exit Deferred

Magenta in a Rhythmic Landscape


The Bonfire

The Bouquet

The Dawdler


Bridge of Folly

Forest Terminal

Forever Lost



In Classic Confluence

Pensive Unrest

The Relevance of Time

Windows of Portent

A Period Drama

The Distant Voice of Reason

The Forgotten Expectation

The Portal of Expectation

The Sweet Assassin

A Cunning Structure

A Young Dowager

Bridge of Long Memories

It’s a Lovely Day Tomorrow



The Age of Regret

The Destiny of Ghosts

The Exploration of Time

The Final Thing

The Sadness of Rivers

The Streets of Intricate Fancies

The Whopping Lie

The Young Hermit

Call of the Wild


Escape from the Garden of Different Meanings

Miss Pandemonium

Suburb of Derelict Dreams

The Alley of Kings

The Carnivorous Forest

The Lost Narrative

The Tree of Excitement

The Lonely Planet

Chasing the Reflection

The Age of Uncertainty

The Cake Runner

The Killer Blonde